Atlantis Shoot Set For Wales And Morocco

THE BBC’s 13-part fantasy series Atlantis is set to begin shooting in Wales and Morocco next month.

The drama about the legendary island that sank into the sea is being written by Howard Overman (Misfits, Merlin).  Series will star Juliet Stevenson (The Politician's Wife).  The Guardian reports the BBC will cast Atlantis as a mysterious and ancient place with vast palaces built by giants, snake- haired goddesses and other mythical creatures.

The legendary island was first written about as early as 360 BC. At that time, Greek philosopher Plato described it as a naval power located in the Atlantic that existed around 9600 BC and conquered many parts of Europe and Africa before sinking overnight into the sea. Allegorically, the legend has been the inspiration for Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis and Thomas More’s Utopia. In modern times, tales of Atlantis as an advanced civilization lost in time continues to inspire literature, film, comic books and games.