Moore And Ogilvy Join Saint Reboot

ROGER Moore and Ian Ogilvy have joined the cast of The Saint, the reboot of the popular 60’s and 70s British TV series based on Leslie Charteris’s 70-book franchise The Saint.

Moore originated the role in the early 1960s and is a co-producer on the new project. The two men played the dashing Simon Templar in previous editions of the popular British TV series. Other cast includes Adam Raynor, Eliza Dushko, James Remar, Enrique Murciano, Thomas Kretschmann, Beatrice Rosen, among others.

The new edition will follow the exploits Templar, who uses his brilliant criminal mind to become a modern day Robin Hood. In the reversion, Moore plays the role of Jasper, Ogilve plays The Banker and Raynor takes on the role of Templar.  Geoffrey Moore, Lulu Moore and Louisa Macdonald are also co-producers.

Shooting, which began December 14, is set for LA, Toronto, and London.