Tardi To Refuse Legion d'Honneur

JACQUES Tardi, one of France’s best-known comic book creators, says he will refuse the Legion d’Honneur medal, the country’s highest honour.

Tardi is best known for his Adele Blanc-Sec fantasy series and his work on the horrors of war. He says he won’t accept the medal because he wants to remain free of all political influence, including that of the French government.

French director Luc Besson has made the Adele Blanc Sec series into a 2010 film. The comic-book strip, about a paranormal investigator in Paris before and after World War I, has also been translated into English.

Tardi won two Eisner Awards, the comic-book equivalent of the Oscars, for It Was the War of the Trenches. His latest work, "Moi Rene Tardi, prisonnier de guerre, Stalag II B", [I, Rene Tardi, prisoner of Ware, Stalag II B] is based on his father's World War II experiences.


www.france24.com and AFP