Bambu Producciones Velvet on French Italian Sales Trail

BETA Film kicked off MIPTV with sales for Velvet, the 50's set Spanish fashion house series by Bambu Producciones, to both RAI in Italy and M6 in France. The deal comes on the heels of Velvet, created by Ramon Campos,  co-owner of Bambu, and Gema R. Neira, getting a greenlight for a second season.

Bambu's Grand Hotel, dubbed the Spanish Downtown Abbey, has been sold by Beta to more than 60 territories, including the UK and the US. The series is also being remade by RAI.

In a territorry racked by economic depression and where English language series are rare, Bambu is making its mark. It is set to produce the high concept English language sci-fi drama The Refugees for BBC Worlwide (BBCWW) and Spain's Atresmedia. BBCWW will act as co-producer, commissioner for international channels and global distributor.

The Refugees was also created by showrunner Campos, along with Neira, Cristobel Garrido and Adolfo Valor. The story is about the impact on a small rural community when millions of refugees from the future travel back in time to seek shelter in the present.