Deadly Reckoning

FANATICISM, mysticism and magic collide in Deadly Reckoning when Tess Amant, an Amsterdam café owner and former star reporter with a penchant for martial arts, accepts an invitation to the Cannes Film Festival. Her plan to enjoy a few days of sun, champagne and good film turn into a nightmare of intrigue as ancient history and modern religious corruption lead Tess through the back alleys of Cannes to the lofty slopes of The Canigou on the French Spanish border, and finally to Grenada and The Alhambra, the last stand of the ancient Spanish Moors, where more than the just the past is buried.

Below is an excerpt from the novel Deadly Reckoning

Cannes: Present Day

man in cannesI HEARD only the whisper of the blade as it glanced off the ancient stone battlement. It had missed me but it had come close enough. Enough that I’d wished I’d skipped the lemon pie I’d picked up from the bakery on Rue Mace this morning or trained just a bit harder than oh…never…in the last couple of months.

I’d been here before. From where Istood, Vieux Port and the green and blue of the Iles de Lerins offered a picture perfect view of offshore Cannes. It was the third night of the film festival but I wasn’t drinking champagne or talking up the latest
pics as I’d planned. Not even close.

notre dameInstead, I was perched atop the crumbling parapet of a 700-year-old church. Notre Dame de L’Esperance. Our Lady of Hope. It was a gorgeous Mediterranean evening, it was near midnight, and I was getting ready to jump.



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