Taking Creativity To The Next Level

What matters in the media world we inhabit? What excites our interest? Is it a tool that's just a flash in the pan? Is it the rush of adrenaline we get from a new movie? Or is it something that’s big enough to change the way we think ― that’s inspiring enough to move creativity to a new level? This page looks at the world of content ― and the tools, pipelines and platforms of our trade that push that content to new creative levels.

"We are not lighting cigars with paper money but Cerbere has a sunny future and one I predict will be as colourful as its past."  Yves Maurice, proprietor, La Dorade Hotel and Restaurant, Cerbere

SHOULD the TV industry be drafted to push through international social change? You bet.

THE days of film’s artistic dominance over TV are over. Major players and artists at the top of their game, among them Steven Spielberg and Jean Reno, are increasingly choosing to work in TV. Why? More to the point, why not?

FOR some of us, the holiday season has just ended. For many, especially in Asia, it is just about to begin. At this time, wherever you are in the world, I’d like to wish all of my colleagues and friends a happy and prosperous 2013. And what a year it could be!

THE push for original and scripted content has moved from toddling to tween stage on the back of several parallel trends...

Asking Critical Questions
Trend One : Social media is upping its game in the area of branding, with brands no longer just chasing followers and fans but, rather, asking some critical questions, such as what interests consumers, what they care about and why? The move from being intrusive to being useful has opened up brand entertainment to entirely new levels of creativity.